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Top 5 Countries That Enjoys $ex The Most (No.5 Will Shock You)


Have you ever wondered which countries in the world have the highest level of sexual satisfaction? You don’t need to explore any further because the numbers are right here.

These countries rank well in terms of engaging in sexual activity regularly and fully enjoying it. In this blog post, we will look at five countries that have demonstrated exceptional levels of sexual satisfaction, and Nigeria may surprise you.


Switzerland is the most sexually pleased country on our list. According to a 2012 survey, 21% of Swiss people assessed their sexual performance as “excellent,” while a stunning 32% reported having sex in public. Switzerland’s permissive sexual attitudes, including legalized prostitution, licensed brothels, and early sex education contributes to their sexual openness and fulfillment.


Spain, noted for its lively culture, is ranked second. This country values sexual freedom, as evidenced by nudity on beaches and allowed gay marriage. According to a recent study conducted in Spain, 90 percent of men and women reported being sexually fulfilled. The confidence of the Spanish populace in their sexual performance contributes to their overall contentment.


Italians are famous for their love of cuisine, wine, and romance. This link between Italian culture and pleasure also extends to their sexual lives. According to an Italian survey, the majority of Italians (64 percent) are quite content with their sex life. Italian males were also voted as the best lovers. Surprisingly, one-third of Italians want their sexual experiences to extend longer than 24 hours.than 10 minutes. Italian women benefit from wine’s aphrodisiac properties as well, expressing higher levels of sexual satisfaction when they drink two glasses each day.

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is well-known for its bright and spectacular carnival celebrations. It’s no wonder, then, that Brazil has a high level of sexual satisfaction. A astonishing 82 percent of Brazilians have sex at least once a week, or 145 times per year. It is worth noting that Brazilians lose their virginity at a younger age than any other country on the planet.


A country known for its conservatism and religious values, proudly claims the title of the world’s most sexually pleased nation, according to Durex. A staggering 67 percent of Nigerians experienced sexual enjoyment, with an average sexual encounter lasting about 24 minutes.




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