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NO NA MUMMY!! Mother Scolds Daughter For Spending Time On Phone Instead Of Cooking Like Hilda Baci


A Nigerian mother voiced her unhappiness with her daughter’s lack of productivity at home by referencing Hilda Baci’s cooking accomplishment.

The daughter who videotaped the incident wanted to highlight how Hilda’s world record had affected their family. The mother can be heard reprimanding her daughter for her meager contributions at home in the YouTube video.

According to the mother, her daughter does nothing except eat and text, but other ladies spend hours cooking and setting records. The daughter remains silent during the encounter, despite her obvious distress.

Netizens have condemned the mother’s actions, calling them emotional abuse. Social media users shared their concerns and emphasized the harmful impact of comparing children to others.

The lady, on the other hand, remained silent while looking plainly concerned Her mother’s words clearly hurt her.

Netizens have expressed their unhappiness with the connection, with others accusing her mother of emotional abuse.




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