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My Husband Is A Flirt, and I’m Scared He Might Sleep With My Daughters — Wife Informs Court


Oluwatoyin Falade, 44, has petitioned an Orile Agege Customary Court in Lagos, Lagos State, to break her 11-year marriage to Segun Falade on the grounds of infidelity.
The petitioner added that she had two children for her husband, aged eight and eleven years, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“My husband is a flirt; he chases anything in a skirt.”

“I had two girls before I married him, and they are 15 and 18 years old, respectively.”

“They stick by me, and I don’t trust my husband because he chases everything in his skirt.”

“My husband always changes women, and he doesn’t respect me.” I will flee if the court does not annul our union.

with my children.”

People in the area, according to Oluwatoyin, make fun of her because of her husband’s infidelity.

“I’m sick of it. “Segun can’t change; chasing after women has become his way of life,” she explained.

She said that he neglects her and their children.

Segun, 46, admits to infidelity in his statement.

“I won’t lie, I bring different women into the house, but I’m willing to change.” “I begged her to please forgive me,” he stated.

He added that he is responsible for their children as well as his wife.

“My Lord, you can see that my wife is fit and healthy.” It is clear that she is not in pain.

“I recently bought her a phone, and I pay the children’s bills.”

“School fees,” he explained.

Segun expressed his displeasure with the dissolution and promised to make things right if given another chance.

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Mr Adewale Adegoke, the court president, adjourned the matter till May 30.


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