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It is against the law to beat a police officer in uniform, even if they are misbehaving.” – Nigeria Police


Citizens who assault cops have been chastised by the Nigeria Police Force.

According to the police, physically assaulting or beating a police officer is unlawful, even if the officer has misbehaved.

This was declared by the Force Spokesperson, Muyiwa Adejobi, on Wednesday evening at a Twitter space organized by Premium Times and monitored by SaharaReporters.

According to Adejobi, a police officer represents Nigerian authority, and any disrespect directed at them is considered an affront to Nigerian authority.

According to Adejobi, there are times when police officers are permitted to use force in the course of their responsibilities.

However, he was emphatic that, regardless of what a police officer may have done, it is completely against the law for a citizen to do so to attack the erring officer.”If a police officer misbehaves with you, it is not enough for someone to beat a police officer in uniform,” he stated. Today, I noticed a video trending of police officers arresting Okada dude.I’ve always said that if you want to perform enforcement, you must use the least amount of force possible.

“The law allows police officers to use reasonable force.” So, how did you use the bare minimum of force to justify it?

“I discovered that these men, these cops, were not using police bats.” It is understandable if they used police bat on this man to subdue him to some extent, but it is not acceptable for them to injure him.

“However, I noticed when I reviewed and reviewed again, I watched the film again and observed that it was not in any way a police bat, but rather a heavy metal. Is it a baseball bat or a stick that cops would use on someone if they wanted to stop him from riding his bike? To some extent, you can perceive that one is not even professional. Because the man was bleeding severely, he fled the scene on his Marwa (tricycle). It is no longer professional.”

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