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In Cross River, a man was arrested for shooting his brother and cutting off his head and private parts.


Police in Cross River State have arrested Ekapong for fatally murdering his elder brother with a rifle and chopping off his head and private parts.

Following a dispute over palm fruits in Epiebi ward, Ekori in the state’s Yakkur Local Government Area, Ekapong allegedly shot his elder brother, Ofrekpe, on the property.

“He went to the farm and met our father packing palm fruits which he cut from our family palm trees into a bag and shot him dead,” Alice, the killed man’s daughter, told Vanguard.

She claimed that her father and uncle have been arguing about who should harvest palm fruits on their late father’s plantation.

“He has been warning my father to stay.”Keep away from the palm trees or he will deal with him, but my father did not take him seriously because the palm trees are family property.”

She described how one hunter heard the gunshot and assumed that one of his friends had killed an animal, so he ran over to join in the fun, but instead saw something else that alarmed him.”Normally, when a gunshot hits its target, the sound is different from the one that misses its target,” she explained. “So the hunter was attracted by the sound of the gun that he was sure hit its target, but when he got there, it was a different scenario.”

She claims that when the hunter saw her uncle covered in blood, he became aroused and ran to open the bag next to him, only to find a human head and private parts.

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“The hunter saw our father’s body in the nearby bush and raised the alarm about what he saw, and the man tried to shoot him as well, but the expended cartridge was still inside the gun, so it couldn’t shoot.”

She claimed that other individuals in nearby farms and bushes ran to the scene of the hunter’s yell, which is how the man was arrested.

“We are requesting that the police release him and allow him to return home,” she ended.

Irene Ugbo, a spokesperson for the Cross River Police Command, said the man is in police custody “and an investigation is underway to determine what happened.”



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