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Funke Bucknor: I Was Angry With God


Funke Bucknor, a Nigerian lawyer and entrepreneur, has disclosed that she was traumatized and put to therapy after her sister died just one year after her father died.She stated that the tragedy had an impact on her life and work.

She revealed this in a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

Bucknor said:

I cried after my sister passed [away] . I wasn’t dealing with that properly. A lot of people wouldn’t know, but I wasn’t dealing with that properly. And I had to go [for] counselling.

“In one of the [counselling] sessions last year, I did cry because I kind of removed almost all the blunts, grief, anger, and everything.

“My dad passed [away] , then my sister passed [away] a year after my daddy passed. When my dad passed, he was older. So, I just thought he was seventy-something; he has lived a good life. I don’t really think much of it. I was a bit angry because the hospital didn’t tell us he was dying. That happened, then Tosin passed.

“When Tosin died, I was angry, I said: ‘Why would God take my sister?’ We are just two children; I’m the firstborn. My mummy lost two children before Tosin when they were young; now she has lost three children. I was angry with God because, three days before her death, I was at a revival. I was praying, serious prayers. So I said, ‘God, why didn’t you show me that my sister was going to die?’ I was very angry.”


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