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How to Apply for a Permanent Residence Permit in Canada Using the GTS

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How to Apply for a Permanent Residence Permit in Canada Using the GTS

One of the most important steps to do while moving to Canada to work is to learn how to use the GTS to become a permanent resident.

A partnership between the ESDC and IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) led to the creation of the GTS (Global Talent Stream), a Canadian immigration program (Employment and Social Development Canada).

In order to fulfil the rising need for jobs in Canada, the program was started.

What is the GTS Process in Canada?

As was previously mentioned, the GTS (Global Talent Stream) immigration program was developed by Canadians to aid recruiters and hiring managers in Canada in the process of hiring the necessary skilled labour from around the world needed to maintain their production process, while there are insufficient numbers of skilled workers in Canada to fill in for their labour gap.

The Canadian government is continuously working to find efficient means of luring qualified immigrants to address the country’s labour shortages.

In order to function in Canada as a two-year pilot program, the Global Talent Stream (GTS) program was announced in June 2017. However, at this point, it appears that the GTS program is here to stay.

The GTS program is one of the streams in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), which enables you—the foreign skilled worker—to obtain a temporary work permit so that you are authorized to work in any specialized company in Canada for a predetermined period of time before being forced to return home.

In order to meet the demands of the nation’s economy, this initiative is a component of Canada’s Global Skills Strategy.

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According to statistics made public in June 2019, over 40,000 foreigners entered Canada during the first two years of the GTS (Global Talent Stream).

The program’s primary characteristics in Canada are as follows:

A program in Canada aimed at assisting hiring managers and recruiters in generating employment there

As a highly qualified worker, you won’t necessarily need to seek a work permit.

Within a year, you will receive a temporary work visa valid for 30 days or fewer.

As part of the program, you will transmit your skill set to your Canadian equivalent (s).

Learning how to use the GTS to obtain a permanent residence visa in Canada will go a long way toward cutting the six-month processing time for your application down to just ten business working days.

Your applications for a Canadian work permit and a visa will therefore be handled considerably more quickly if you seek to join Canada’s Global Talent Stream program.

How to Apply for a Permanent Residence Permit in Canada Using the GTS

The following actions must be taken in order to use the GTS to apply to become a permanent resident of Canada:

Apply to join the Global Talent Stream as a foreign worker (GTS)

Choose a position from the Global Talent Stream listings.

Utilize your GTS to settle permanently in Canada.

These are further divided as follows:

Application to Enroll as a Foreign Worker for the Global Talent

Stream is the first step (GTS)

Applying to join the Global Talent Stream as a foreign worker is the first step in finding out how to use it to become a permanent resident of Canada.

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The Global Talent Stream for Canada is split into two categories:

In the first category Companies with a GTS rating can demonstrate that they have a need for foreign workers with specialized skills.

These are some of Canada’s biggest corporations and brands. Companies in Canada with a Category A GTS rating are authorized to use the GTS program by designated referral partners.

For the first two applications, Category A GTS-rated employers in Canada must pay foreign employees $80,000 CAD year, but subsequent applications must pay $1,050,000 CAD.

You must be able to demonstrate your degree of expertise in a particular area, as well as your advanced level of education earned in that same industry, combined with at least five years of experience, in order to qualify for the Category A GTS program as a unique and specialized talent.

B Category

This group includes all other businesses on the GTS program list seeking to hire highly trained overseas labour. High-demand skills that are actually pretty hard to get in the Canadian local community fall under this category of GTS.

The following are common occupations under this GTS category:

Computer scientists

IT experts

Computer programmers

Digital media specialists

And a lot more

Based on the altering labour and skill needs in Canada, the list for Category B GTS immigrants is updated. Additionally, the wages needed to compensate foreign workers in this category fluctuate according to the local economic climate.

It should be noted that international workers cannot apply to the GTS program directly; instead, they must obtain a position in Canada that falls under one of the aforementioned Global Talent Stream categories.

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Finding a Job Listed Under the Global Talent Stream in Step #2
You will need to use various Canadian job boards in order to find a position that is advertised under the Global Talent Stream. We strongly advise you to search the Canadian government’s Job Bank database.

Your recruiting manager will be required to submit an application with all of your required details once you’ve finally secured a position that is listed under the GTS.

If your manager’s application request is successful, they will receive a favourable LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) answer. You will be able to submit your application for your Canadian work permit using this LMIA.

You can then proceed to arrange your travel to Canada to begin your new job after this last procedure is finished and you have received your work permit.

Use your GTS to apply for permanent residency in Canada as the third step.

The last phase entails figuring out how to utilize the GTS in order to establish permanent residency in Canada.

Foreign workers hired through the GTS program are only permitted to work in Canada for a total of two years before they are eligible to apply for permanent residency.



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