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You Are Not Our Member; Don’t Speak for PDP. Wike informs Secondus


Prince Uche Secondus, the former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has been dismissed from the party and is no longer allowed to speak or participate in party business, according to Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike.

In Omagwa, Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers state, at the Aluu-Omagwa event on Saturday, Wike made this declaration.

The governor was criticizing Wike for promising to tell Rivers voters how to cast their ballots in the upcoming presidential election in response to Secondus’ assertion that no one has the authority to impose a presidential candidate on the electorate in Rivers.

Wike stated:

“Uche Secondus, a former member of our party, claimed that no one individual could impose a presidential candidate on the people of Rivers. He doesn’t belong to our party. In Andoni, Rivers, his ward banned him from the gathering. The judge endorsed it.

“He (Secondus) appeared before the Court of Appeal and lost. He visited the Supreme Court, and the case will be heard on October 23, 2023. I informed him that you would not serve as the convention’s national chairman. Did he oversee it? Was he present at the national gathering?

“Up until this point, you haven’t joined our celebration. In any case, I never claimed I would force my candidate on the residents of Rivers. I promised to let Rivers residents know who I would be supporting and running for office. But don’t blame them; you cannot comprehend grammar if you did not complete secondary school.

So, Mr. Secondus, I have no issue with you serving as Atiku’s technical adviser. However, as you are not a member of our party, please refrain from speaking on behalf of the PDP in Rivers State.

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When he took control of the Rivers PDP structures in 2013, Wike boasted about upsetting and dominating so-called Abuja politicians with Rivers ties. He added, “What most of you didn’t realize is that all these guys that ran away to Abuja have never worked with us. I was the team leader who removed them from office in 2007. Yes, I don’t apologize for that.

“In 2014, despite the fact that I was the one to fight for the party’s structure, the majority of them sabotaged me behind my back to challenge me for governor. They had no choice but to come and join us when they realized there was no hope left for them.

Governor Wike claimed that Secondus’ unpleasant involvement in 2019 and reported propensity to drop projects that were given to him are the reasons Rivers residents can’t trust him.

Ask him (Secondus) what transpired when the military took control, when the NRC was in charge, and when Ada George served as the state’s governor. What happened on Ohamini Road, ask him. What made him tell him to frog jump. Who beat him? Why was he spanked by Colonel Akubundu (Rtd), who was obviously the organizing secretary? He was unable to complete the Ohamini Road project.

Ask him whether of the projects that Dr. Odili gave to Andoni through him starting in 1999, when Odili was elected governor, was actually completed. Instead of letting each company that the state government would pay money to complete the work, you would collect the money. This is the reason it’s challenging and the reason we haven’t been able to commission the Andoni portion of the road,” Wike said.


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