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Whoever becomes president of Nigeria is of little interest to us, the UK


The upcoming general elections in Nigeria will determine who will serve as the country’s next president, according to the government of the United Kingdom (UK).

Following a meeting with the National Working Committee, NWC, of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Abuja that was held behind closed doors, Catriona Liang, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, made this announcement on Wednesday.

Any candidates who win the election, according to Mrs. Liang, will have the UK’s cooperation.

Additionally, the High Commissioner reaffirmed his faith in Nigeria’s democracy and the president’s dedication to holding fair elections.

She uttered:

“There is no favoured candidate for the UK. Although we are dedicated to ensuring free and fair elections, we will cooperate with whichever presidential candidate wins the election.

“The UK and Nigeria have a close relationship, and we are interested in Nigeria’s success. And democracy plays a role in it.

She continued by saying that the government of her nation applauded Nigeria’s dedication to democracy and President Buhari’s commitment to safe and free elections.

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