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Tinubu Promises To Reform Nigeria’s Economy in 2023


The All Progressives Congress presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu has assured businesspeople that, if elected, he will reposition Nigeria for more prospects and the development of its people.

At a business luncheon with company owners on Thursday in Lagos, Tinubu made a promise to fight to improve the nation’s security condition and to give entrepreneurs an enabling atmosphere for their firms.

The “Business ahead” luncheon took place at the Wings on Victoria Island.

In regards to gasoline subsidies, he promised that if elected, he would make courageous choices that would revive the economy of the country.

“Nigeria won’t support neighboring nations’ fuel usage any longer.

How is it possible that we are financing Cameroon, Niger, and Benin Republic’s fuel consumption? No matter how long you scream in opposition, we’ll end the fuel subsidies.

“First, the protection of the lives, property, and prosperity of its residents is the basic obligation of government.”

He declared that his first objective as governor of Lagos State at the time was to improve the challenging security situation.

“We could only begin the economic changes that finally led to the thriving and busy megacity of today after we had secured the state and improved its prestige.

The fear of such violence, terror, kidnapping, and banditry have no place in the society I foresee, he said, adding that he was committed to protecting Nigerians from violence.

The former governor of Lagos promised his audience that he would act to put many policies into effect as soon as he became president.

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“We will construct specialized anti-terrorist battalions and boost the size of our military and non-military security personnel.

The most vulnerable sites will be surveyed using aircraft and ground surveillance equipment as part of our Critical National Infrastructure Protection Plan, which will also secure our nation’s key facilities and infrastructure.

“Our military and security personnel’s tactical communications and mobility will be upgraded.

“We must also pay more attention to the wellbeing and care of our security and military personnel who put themselves in danger to keep us safe.”

“To sum up, our goal is to be able to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outflank the terrorists and criminal organizations. They aim to undermine our upright and democratic society. We’ll take down their nasty one.

“We need to address our economy while battling instability. We are aware that insecurity and business cannot coexist peacefully, he added.

He continued by saying that his government would allow the private sector to flourish by not interfering with their diverse enterprises and by being willing to work together.

He claimed that his administration will not interfere in areas where the private sector is flourishing.

“Providing the proper policy framework for corporate growth must be our guiding philosophy with regard to economic policy.

“I want to do more than just maintain current enterprises. We must make room for new industries and commercial ventures to flourish.

“We must expand this economy to accommodate more than 200 million people while maintaining a respectable level of living.

“Working together with the private sector to bring about significant infrastructural development is part of the virtuous economic cycle we hope to build.

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According to Tinubu, “this will boost economic opportunities, reduce corporate expenses, and produce jobs that catalyze additional growth and development through higher consumer demand.”

Entrepreneurs in business asked Tinubu how he would handle problems with education, healthcare development, electricity, the investment climate, various exchange rates, and the current oil subsidies during the luncheon.

In response, Tinubu stated that his goal was to expand local manufacturing and value-added firms, deepen consumer lending, increase the availability of affordable housing, and offer small business owners low-cost loans to modernize operations and boost productivity.

“We won’t be frightened to make smart regulations. We cannot permit incidents like the demise of FTX to occur here.

Tinubu stated that in addition to improving the nation’s power sector, which is essential to any economic progress, and strengthening the health sector, “We must defend businesses, consumers, and investor trust in equal measure.”

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Group Chief Executive Officer of Oando Plc. Wale Tinubu, and a former House of Representatives Speaker named Dimeji Bankole joined the APC presidential candidacy.

Among them were Nuhu Ribadu, a former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, and former commissioners in Lagos State Yemi Cardozo and Dele Alake.


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