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The Rivers Government responds to the attack on Maeba’s home and offers some suspects


The Rivers State Government claims that some politicians are staging high-level dramas to conceal their tracks and has requested assistance from the relevant security agencies in determining what actually happened in the claimed attack on Senator Lee Maeba.

The Commissioner for Information and Communications, Chris Finebone, revealed this on Thursday in a statement.

Remember that on Thursday morning, gunmen reportedly broke into Maeba’s home in Rivers State, where he serves as the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council.

In his response to the attack, Maeba alleged that the gunmen had been sent by the government of Rivers State.

Finebone, speaking on behalf of the government, stated that Maeba should assist security forces in identifying individuals responsible for the alleged attack on his home.

“This makes it evident that Senator Maeba should help security authorities unravel the alleged attack on his property and those behind it,” the statement said in part. He should try to recall just who the caller said sent him (the caller), as it is insufficient to blame such an attack on “either government or some quarters.”

Further assuring that the Rivers State Government would continue to cooperate with security organizations and provide all necessary support to guarantee the protection of people and property in the State, Finebone.

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