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Simon Ekpa is the target of a lawsuit brought by Nnamdi Kanu’s attorney for killings in the South East


Today, we formally filed a lawsuit against Simon Ekpa in the FCT High Court. The lawsuit is based on a number of serious violations brought on by Ekpa’s violent, frightening, and deceptive statements.

I might withhold further information from you in order to protect the aggressive legal measures that are already planned for him and his accomplices. It will arrive in segments. The initial batch is this.

I also want to reassure Simon Ekpa and his supporters who are subject to this compelling legal action that, regardless of the nation you think is currently protecting you, the full force of the law will undoubtedly catch up with you all in the legal assault that has already begun. This is only one in the long series of intriguing civil and criminal litigations coming your way.

The time has arrived, and I want to say it again: Simon Ekpa, you cannot evade the reach of the law.

We shift! utilizing this oji abatam!

13th December 2022, Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq.

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