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Peter Obi: Nigeria is an IDP camp as long as its citizens are living in IDP camps


Nigeria would continue to be an IDP camp as long as Nigerians are forced to evacuate their homes and live there, according to Mr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party.

Yesterday in Abuja, following the introduction of Prof. Akin Osuntokun as the new director general of the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council, Obi responded to questions from journalists by stating that the foundation of his aspiration was his conviction that Nigerians deserved better leadership than what they were currently receiving.

We’re working to make Nigeria better, he declared. I’ve been traveling and seeing people in challenging situations, like as those residing in IDP camps, during this time.

“Nigeria as a country is an IDP camp if Nigerians are forced to leave their homes and live in IDP camps since these are Nigerians who belong in their homes.

“The goal of government is to look out for its citizens, and the less fortunate are those who receive the most care from the government.

“I pledge to make sure that no Nigerian has to live in an IDP camp and that every Nigerian goes to bed and wakes up glad to be a Nigerian.”

Obi responded, “Projection is distinct from (opinion) polls,” in answer to a query on the most recent projection by THISDAY Newspaper that put him at a disadvantage in compared to other competitors. A poll is when you ask actual people a question; a projection is when you make an assumption.

He expressed optimism that the nation’s young people, whom he characterized as resourceful and hardworking, were ready to take back the country and make it work for everyone this time around.

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He asserts that young people in Nigeria are not idle; rather, they were merely looking for chances to compete well with their peers on the international scene.

He said the kind of leadership he and his group were providing Nigerians would make such ambitions come true.

He has earlier clarified that removing Okupe as Campaign DG did not result in a shift in tactics.

He stated that the party’s pledge to retake Nigeria from the forces that have left it in ruins is still part of its campaign strategy.


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