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Osun: Inform IGP Usman Baba of the reason why Police Commissioner Olaleye-HURIWA was fired


The Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, has been urged by the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, to provide Nigerians an explanation of why he fired Faleye Olaleye, the commissioner of police in Osun State.

According to the group, there is a movement to end the state’s long-standing tranquility and replace it with the kind of lawlessness that is now prevalent in areas like Imo and Enugu, where unidentified gunmen are giving citizens commands.

In a press conference held on Saturday in Abuja, HURIWA warned that Osun State was on the verge of losing control over law and order.

Since the state’s new leadership took office, DAILY POST can confirm with authority that it has turned into a war zone, with thugs freely carrying guns, cutlasses, and other lethal weapons while pursuing defenseless civilians.

On December 5, 2022, thugs roamed the state, concentrating on the automobile parks, shooting randomly, leaving many people permanently disabled and a few dead.

And CP Olaleye, who reacted quickly and prevented things from getting worse, is now being fired and transferred to a different place for reportedly refusing to do what some high-ranking government officials wanted.

It was rumored that CP Patrick Longe, who would shortly be named as Olaleye’s replacement, had been recommended by another CP from Ede, the future Governor’s hometown.

In addition, HURIWA claimed, “We know that CP Longe went ahead and swore allegiance to some power brokers in the State.”

Usman Baba, the IGP, sent out a signal announcing the new CP but stating that it is pending approval from the Police Service Commission to demonstrate that even he is not happy with the assignment.

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“It is quite uncommon for an IGP to request the Police Service Commission’s permission before posting police officers. Since posting is up to the IGP’s discretion, the Police Service Commission only has authority over matters of promotion and discipline.

“In order to prevent a breakdown in law and order, we therefore call on the IGP to revoke his decision to post CP Longe to Osun State, as by all indications, he is being sent there on a hatchet mission,” they said.

The rights organization asserts that the state requires management by an impartial, extremely professional CP who is devoted to upholding law and order regardless of whose bull gets gored.

The organization asked that they inform Nigerians of CP Faleye’s offense, which led to his dismissal from his position as Osun State’s commissioner of police after only two months and despite the widespread praise for his professionalism from the good people of Osun.


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