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Okada Rider tells his girlfriend after being arrested for theft, “I did it for you, baby.”


Nura Mohammed, a young man, has admitted that he was in charge of stealing a new motorcycle in Adamawa state.

SP Suleiman Nguroje, who is in charge of public relations for the state police, said that Nura, a commercial motorcyclist, said he needed something to sell so he could get money for his wedding.

The man from Adamawa State told how he and his partner, Muhammed Bello, got their victim to come to an area where they stole his motorcycle.

After the victim told the State Police Command about the case, the two suspects were caught in Fufore Local Government Area.

Nura Mohammed is from Modire in Girei LGA, and Muhammed Bello is from Jili Unguwan Wakili in Fufore LGA. Both of them are 20 years old.

They both said they did it and asked for forgiveness.

Nura said he stole because he loved a girl he was seeing and needed money to marry her. He asked his girlfriend to be patient and understand that he did it for their relationship.

He asked the law to forgive him because it was the first time he had ever done something like that.

Muhammed Bello told the story from his own point of view. He said that Nura called him on December 18 to remind him that they were going to steal a motorcycle.

He said they left the next day and hired a commercial motorcyclist with a new motorcycle to take them to Parda in Fufore LGA.

He said that on the way to Parda, he threw his cap into the river on purpose and asked the motorcycle rider to stop so he could get it. But when the rider stopped, Nura took the key from the bike and asked what was going on.

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Bello said that while all of this was going on, three people on a motorcycle tried to cross the river, and he threatened them with his machete and told them to go quickly.

“After seeing the machete, the rider of the motorcycle we were after ran away for his own safety, leaving his bike behind,” Muhammed Bello said.


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