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Nigerians claim the government is only making lip service to their demands on World Human Rights Day


Nigerians have urged the Federal Government not to just talk about protecting lives, property, and people’s rights while the globe observes World Human Rights Day.

The administration has also been entrusted with looking again at what sparked the 2020 EndSars demonstration.

In response to the 2022 World Human Rights Day theme of “Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for everyone,” they chastised the leader, claiming that the majority of people no longer had faith in the current administration.

Speaking to the Daily Post on Saturday, Adeleke Olagundoye claimed that Nigeria has not been genuine with itself since its independence.

“Even though they are Nigerians like us, the military made things worse. More has been done to fellow Nigerians since 1960 than was done to them from 1861 to 1960 by the British.

We all exhaled a sigh of relief when Olusegun Obasanjo took office as president in 1999 and established the Oputa panel. We believed it to be a chance for the villain and victim to directly interact and resolve their conflict. Nobody was being taken into custody.

“We only wanted to hear a’simple sorry,’ but our so-called major figures and power brokers showed no sign of respecting the peace and reconciliation panel. They even dared the authorities to arrest them for their refusal to appear. Nigerians missed the chance to recover, and I’m sad to admit that I’ve since lost faith in this nation.

On her part, Folakemi Abimbola requested that the Federal Government look again at the problems that sparked the 2020 EndSARS countrywide demonstration against the police.

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She claimed that in response to the reported and perceived excessive force used by the Nigerian Police, the protests were an emotional eruption.

She revealed that nothing was done to stop similar incidents after the protests, and the police went on to kill more defenseless Nigerians.

“You can picture the findings of the panel of investigation established by state governments. Nigerians simply arrived, spoke English, and cried, but what did they reveal in the end? Have any rewards been received? Have any prosecutions been reported? Even if I am sick of this nation, I am still a patriot. I still have faith in Nigeria, but I have no confidence in the system.

Samuel Olohunwa concurred, adding that compensation was required for each victim of human rights violations in Nigeria.

“Some people have lost their lives, as well as limbs, eyes, and other bodily parts. Because people’s rights were infringed, goods and properties have been lost, and nobody has spoken up and nothing has been done. Some people are also sick or permanently crippled.

“Some Nigerians have permanent injuries. Some girls who have experienced abuse will always have low self-esteem. Some people who didn’t receive justice are currently in psychiatric hospitals. We would continue to fool ourselves with window dressing and ceremonies until we addressed this injustice.

If the government does not assist, work must be done. The populace won’t. We are all fleeing to America right now because people battled for their rights there. We have fought and lost blood in Nigeria. Until we succeed, we will keep fighting.

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Student activist Afolabi Akinade noted that activity will persist until Nigerians’ rights as participants in the commonwealth were realized.

The annual World Human Rights Day is observed on December 10.


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