Home News Kumuyi: “Leadership should not be powerful now, weak tomorrow, and confused today.”

Kumuyi: “Leadership should not be powerful now, weak tomorrow, and confused today.”


Pastor Williams Kumuyi, the general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has called for fearless and tenacious leaders at all levels and in all endeavors.

He continued by saying that people urgently need leaders who will always be steadfast, not powerful today and weak and confused tomorrow.

The preacher remarked, “A leader who understands the right thing but lacks fortitude could fall to doing the wrong thing by pressure from individuals surrounding him,” while speaking at the Ministers and professionals conference via satellite.

Pastor Kumuyi’s message, which he based on Joshua 1:1–2, urged leaders to take inspiration from Moses and Joshua’s accomplishments in their various roles. He urged them to avoid being like Aaron, who gave in to pressure and built an altar to a strange god when the people were about to stone him even though he knew it was against God’s will.

“Every leader requires courage, but not the flimsy kind that causes him to vacillate between courage and nowhere,” he said.

“With the spirit of God residing within you, have courage at all times with tenacity in every circumstance. Even when you have ample experience, new events will still occur that you have never witnessed before. leadership with courage in the past, present, and future.

“You must never waver; you can’t be strong now and confused and lost tomorrow. The way is always open for the unwavering. Joshua was instructed to have courage by Moses in front of the people. He had experience in managing a diverse group of people. This was what Aaron lacked when, in Moses’ absence, he gave in to the crowd and, just before they were ready to stone him, raised an altar to a new god for them. He did wrong while knowing right from wrong because he lacked confidence.

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“A fearless leader maintains his position no matter what occurs, whether it is expected or not. He needs to have inner strength, courage, and strength of heart, spirit, and soul.


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