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Journalists criticize the government for out-of-pocket medical expenses


Nigerian health journalists have raised concern over the inadequate status of primary healthcare services in the nation, emphasizing that people in rural areas lack access to high-quality healthcare as a result of out-of-pocket costs that many cannot afford.

Although primary health centers are intended to be the first stop for individuals in rural communities, Hassan Zaggi, president of the Association of Nigerian Health Journalists, claimed that due of the acute poverty, mortalities are reported every day.

He gave the government an order to prioritize Nigerians’ health at the top of their list of priorities.

Speaking on the conference’s theme, “Health Security, UHC & NHIA: How Can Nigeria get it right, the Role of the Media in Perspective,” Zaggi noted that the gathering of health writers is intended to explore the present problems in the healthcare industry.

“Colleagues, our yearly conferences provide us the chance to think back and examine the persistent problems in the health industry.

“It’s crucial that we put our minds to work in these next few days to develop practical recommendations that the government and other stakeholders can take into account.

“The government must take the health of our people seriously since only a healthy society can be productive, and out-of-pocket payments are what make access to quality and cheap healthcare services inequitable, especially among the poor and vulnerable groups.

“Lawmakers must make sure that the appropriate legislation are passed at the federal, state, and municipal levels of government in order to support and advance the achievement of UHC through health insurance.

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