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In a Lagos school, a man beats his brother to death for stealing


The police in Lagos are looking for a man who allegedly beat his younger brother to death in a school in the Ijede district of Lagos for stealing.

Samson, the deceased’s only name, worked as a private guard at a school in Lagos’ Ijede, Ikorodu neighborhood.

On Monday, he is said to have entered into some offices at the school and taken five plasma televisions, an air conditioner, a Wi-Fi router, a pumping machine, and a power producing set.

He allegedly got nabbed while trying to flee with the goods. According to eyewitnesses, his older brother Yahaha was invited.

According to reports, Yahaya bound his brother’s hands and legs and began beating him for tarnishing the family’s reputation.

The 32-year-old suspect eventually stopped moving. Reviving him was unsuccessful because he was later declared dead.

SP Benjamin Hudenyin, the public relations officer for the Lagos State Police, confirmed the occurrence.

Hudenyin claimed that the Ijede division’s Divisional Police Officer had been called. Assuring that the command would apprehend the evading suspect, Hundeyin said, “Based on the complaint, the police visited the location, took required measures, and transported the corpse to Ikorodu General Hospital Mortuary for autopsy.”

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