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If we’re put in charge, we’ll do a better job than men. — Female Guber


Nigerians are getting ready to vote for a new set of federal and state leaders for the next four years in 2023. Female governorship candidates from different political parties have promised Nigerians that if they win, they will do a better job than their male counterparts.

They promised to do this at a meeting with the media in Abuja on Monday, which was set up by Women Radio with help from UN Women and the Canadian government.

At a meeting with the UN Women Country Representative, Beatrice Eyong, the women politicians said that even though the number of women in parliament has doubled around the world since 1995, this hasn’t happened in Nigeria, where the number of women in politics has been going down steadily since 1999.

Gladys Johnson-Ogbuneke, the candidate for governor of Abia State for the Social Democratic Party (SDP), said that the people in her state have been suffering for 31 years, ever since it was made. She also said that education and safety would be her top priorities if she were elected.

“I watched the protests and movements in 2020 with a lot of sadness. And I heard stories about how the police in Nigeria beat people up. But the young people of Nigeria made me very proud. I was glad to hear that they had turned 18 and could now ask questions without being afraid, so I set up Zoom meetings with a few of them. And I found myself talking to people and talking about politics with them.

“After that, they also told me to come in and do something. Even though Nigeria is a democracy, we know that there is no government there that cares about homelessness, education, or other social needs of the people. I want to make Abia State an up-to-date state. After 31 years, what the people there have done best is enough.”

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“I’ll make sure that our schools have computers. Abia State looks more like a village than anything else. When you go to Umuhai, nobody can copy anything you do. I’ll work to make the state better and do my best.”

In the same way, Khadijat Abdullahi, the candidate for governor of Niger state for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), said that even though the North-Central state has the most land in the country, the government hasn’t used it to its full potential.

“I’m going to take part in the industrial revolution. Niger State has made about $7 trillion worth of money on its own, and some of that money is used to pay workers. I’m worried that there needs to be a water emergency. We have four hydroelectric power systems, and at one time we powered the whole country, and we can still do that,” she said, urging women to leave their comfort zones to change the current situation.

Anabel Cosmos, who is running for governor for Action People’s Party, Delta, also spoke. She said that women need to change the story.

“Women are in trouble, and our education system is in trouble. With the small job I got in Delta after running for governor in 2019, I was able to help people in all senatorial districts through empowerment programs. But I’ve made up my mind to change. Money is what we need. Let us support ourselves. Women don’t help each other out. No more embarrassing ourselves in public. We are managers at home so that we can manage our different States. Cosmos said, “I’m here to show the men that I can do it better.


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