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“I Wish I Could Conceive My Man” Laments of Nkechi Blessing


Nkechi Blessing, a Nollywood actress, has expressed her desire to become pregnant for her partner.

Since falling in love with a younger boo, Nkechi has been squeezing necks and posting countless romantic images and words on social media.

Nkechi shared her obsession with her partner on Instagram. She claims that she adores her husband so much that she wishes she could carry HIS child.

“I adore my husband so much that I wish I could conceive for HIM.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday, the lover girl of Nollywood, claimed a few days ago that she had increased people’s faith in romantic love.

Social media reportedly erupted after the mother of one fell in love with her younger partner. The duo is clearly enjoying themselves because they are always seen in a happy, in-love state.

In a recent event, Nkechi Blessing and her boyfriend enjoyed a passionate kiss while out having fun on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at the club. She stated she has helped people believe in love regardless of the past in response to the compliments she received about her romantic moment with her boyfriend at the club.

The actress explained why her entire love life is public on social media, saying that she doesn’t share about her relationship to brag but rather to motivate her coworkers.

I’ve already persuaded a lot of people to believe in love, she wrote. Please don’t assume that I am publishing to brag. Naa!! Listen, lovely CELEBRITY, discover love and happiness… Get off your high horse; there is nothing there. I IRE oooo!”

Nkechi Blessing Sunday took to social media to congratulate her younger beau as she continues to revel in the thrill of her new love life.

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NBS, as she is affectionately known, claimed that age has nothing to do with one’s understanding or capacity for exerting pressure.

Nkechi Blessing published a photo of them acting affectionately together on her Instagram account, confirming that she is older than her new partner. She also said that maturity is not determined by age.

“Maturity isn’t always a function of age. My life was altered by this man. Nkechi Blessing posted her Instagram story, “Thank you, Daddy.”


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