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Government of Cross River steps in as cholera decimates communities


Following a cholera epidemic in the Ekureku hamlet in the Abi LGA, the Cross River State Government has now taken action in the deaths of 20 people.

A record of the deaths was made on December 15, 2022.

According to government sources, thirty more persons were additionally were undergoing treatments in various healthcare facilities as a result of the outbreak.

After drinking tainted water from the community water source, it got worse.

Dr. Janet Ekpenyong, director general of the Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, expressed sadness for the regrettable situation, which she claimed might have been avoided if straightforward procedures had been followed.

She revealed that the state government has now sent a response team to the affected neighborhood where lives at risk were saved, along with the WHO, Red Cross, and WASH Program.

“The State Government regrets this occurrence and extends its condolences to the impacted families. We have recorded deaths with numerous other victims hospitalized in numerous government-owned facilities due to the rapid transmission rate of cholera.

We are using all available tools to stop the spread of the disease as we move across the neighborhood, educating residents about potential disease management strategies and urging local leaders to follow cleanliness guidelines in order to eradicate cholera and other related ailments.

Lemna in Calabar Municipality was experiencing an increase in cholera outbreak reports while the government was taking action in Ekureku.

The vast, centuries-old village, according to the locals, has been put in danger by the enormous garbage site.

They urged the state government to take similar action because the site’s ongoing sewage drainage and waste discharges had seriously jeopardized their lives.

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Due to the horrible odor, swarms of flies and other insects, as well as the invasion of snakes, they demanded that the Lemna dump site be relocated.

They bemoaned the waste site’s impact on their property damage, tainted drinking water, and air pollution.

A business owner who responded to the survey claimed that during the rainy season, because of the flooding, garbage overflows into residences along the streets and is endangering the health of the occupants.

There is never a week, according to Madam Alice Nseobong, owner of a tavern serving pepper soup and alcohol, when there are no reports of neighbors being admitted to the hospital.

She connected this to the potential illness outbreak that could be linked to the enormous dump site.

Because there are daily reports of illnesses and hospitalizations among our neighbors, we believe that there is an outbreak of contagious diseases, maybe including cholera.

“The locations have an awful stink emanating from them. The dumpsite has caused an excessive number of flies.

Another local, cement dealer Ejiro Osas, claimed that dead animal carcasses and even human bodies had been seen in the dump.

Aside from that, he claimed it was remarkable that those he referred to as the dregs of society had made the location their home, from which they frequently set out to perpetrate crimes.

According to an elderly resident named Edem Orok, the garbage removed from the two local government regions had been disposed of there for more than 25 years.

Health professionals believe that polluted water or food sources can result in cholera.


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