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Churches must do more to make Nigeria safer, says cleric


Dr. Femi Adewumi, a pastor and the Director of the Global Mission Board of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, has asked Nigerian Christians to do more to fight insurgency and unrest in Nigeria and other troubled parts of sub-Saharan Africa because they aren’t doing enough right now.

Adewumi said this on Sunday at the King’s Banquet put on by Shalom Baptist Church in Akowonjo, Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State. He was a guest minister at the event.

There was also a musical concert at the banquet, which was called “Celebrating Christ’s Birth and Supporting His Mission.” It was the eighth in a series of events for the church’s growing discipleship program.

Adewumi talked about the theme “Missions: Challenges and Opportunities.” He said that people who do bad things do so because they think they are fighting for God, even though they are not.

“Many of these insurgents who do what they do still think they are fighting for God, and that is the problem at its core. So, the church needs to come together as one. Right now, the church is not united; each church is doing its own thing, and God’s image is in us.

“As Christians, there is nothing we can’t do if we all work together. Disunity is what is making things hard for the church. We can’t get much done as long as we don’t work together.”

Also, talking about the upcoming general elections, the cleric said, “The church must mobilize her members, encourage them, and let them know that if they don’t vote, they are sinning against God.”

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“They have to be a part of the group that picks their leaders and prays about which way to go.”

Adewumi told voters, “Take a close look at the backgrounds of those who want to lead us and compare them to their records.” “It will show you what they can do, not what they say they can do.”


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