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Church visits are not campaigns, but rather occasions for prayer. Obi Faultfinders Replies


Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP), has stated that he does not campaign but rather makes frequent visits to churches to ask congregants for prayers for his campaign.

Obi revealed this in a statement released by Diran Onifade, Head of Media for the Obi-Datti Campaign Organization, on Thursday in Abuja.

According to the statement, the former governor of Anambra’s church trips were consistent with his character and not motivated by politics as certain opposition parties have suggested.

It further revealed that in his campaign to become the next President of Nigeria in 2023, Obi was not advancing any sectarian or religious interests, stressing that his candidacy was entirely motivated by a patriotic desire to create a new Nigeria.

Attempts to paint the LP flagbearer as a supporter of sectarian interests in an effort to undermine his current popularity as the clear favorite of most Nigerians, according to the statement, will fall flat.

It was highlighted that past attempts by Obi’s critics to portray him as a simple social media candidate without any physical political infrastructure had failed, which is why new propaganda was being used.

The statement reads: “It said because of Obi’s high visibility, naughty people see his frequent appearances at churches or secular programs as religious exploits with political overtones, pointing out that anyone familiar with the LP flag bearer’s past knows that he has always been a regular sight at church services regardless of the denomination.

“Even as governor, Obi has always been active in matters of religion, whether it be Islam or Christianity. He constantly asks others, including subordinates, for prayers on his behalf because he views himself as a beneficiary of God’s bountiful mercy and thus requires continual intercession.

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“Obi funded Muslims to travel to Mecca for the Hajj while serving as governor, and he always pushed them to pray for him. Although a Catholic, Obi has never restricted himself to his religion, even before running for president. We still clearly remember that Obi was present when Pastor Adeboye traveled to the state of Anambra to dedicate a church in Nnewi that had been constructed by one of the most prominent Anambra residents.

These occurrences can be used as evidence to support the idea that the LP Presidential flag bearer has maintained a constant attitude toward his faith, prayers, and relationship with God.

He never gave a kobo to a pastor or a church, according to the report. We also comprehend the frustration of Obi’s opponents, who have chosen the simple route of slander and extortion because they lack the physical and mental stamina to actively seek God’s face in his mission.

They are currently starting another hopeless attempt to derail what is obviously a fast-moving train after failing miserably in their prior attempts to reduce Obi’s popularity among Nigerian founders. In an effort to gain the favor of other religious or ethnic groups, their objective now is to paint Obi as a jingoist of faith and tribe.

Obi should be viewed as a candidate for the underprivileged and young people in society, whom he characterized as the victims of previous federal regimes, if he is to be put in a box. While Obi is frantically attempting to market himself to Nigerians through issue-based campaigns, his opponents are working hard to portray him as a candidate of a single faith. But the obvious and unchangeable fact is that Obi’s candidacy crosses all barriers. He spoke.


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