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Buhari: Those attempting to violently disrupt the 2023 elections have lost the war


Nigerians have been reassured by President Muhammadu Buhari that anyone attempting to use violence to disturb the country’s calm during the general elections in 2023 has lost the war.

The President stated that the government would maintain calm throughout the elections in February, noting this in his Christmas greeting on Saturday.

On the occasion of this year’s Christmas, I warmly rejoice with our Christian brothers and sisters, the president stated.

Many of us anticipate this holiday season as an opportunity to travel, exchange gifts, spend time with loved ones, attend special carol services and activities, and generally reflect on the good times we had during the year. Christmas is a time when we join together to celebrate and put aside our differences, no matter what situation we are in.

The holiday this year is special for my family and me. This is my final term as the President you chose. This government will end in 22 weeks and be replaced by another.

“With the exception of the year the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from doing so, I have had the honor of hosting members of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) community on Christmas homage for the past seven years. They were my kind neighbors and generous landlords, and I will remember them with affection.

There is no greater way for us to enjoy Christmas as a people than by demonstrating genuine love, care, compassion, and understanding for one another, so it is imperative that I keep this in mind about my closest neighbors.

The symbiotic tie between Christmas and hope, Jesus Christ and humility, Christianity and grace, is something we must never forget. Let’s not forget those who truly want to rejoice but are unable to do so for one reason or another during this time of love, joy, and peace by reaching out to them.

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“By reaffirming our collective resolve to fight for the unity and prosperity of our beloved country, we can make this celebration one to remember.

I will continue to offer political and material assistance to sub-national governments, the Armed Forces, organizations, and people who are sincerely striving for the peace, unity, stability, and advancement of Nigeria until my last day in office.

“It will be necessary to build on the advancements we have made so far on the economic front, particularly in infrastructure; food security; anti-corruption; security; and energy sufficiency, among others.

This festive season falls during the period of elections for a new administration. I implore you to exercise caution and choose candidates who will keep the momentum we have built for the sake of the nation’s overall welfare.

“This is yet another chance to demonstrate to the rest of the world that Nigeria is genuinely prepared to strengthen its democratic credentials, as has been noticed in global circles. Let the tranquility and happiness that characterize this time of year last all the way through the upcoming election in February and beyond.

“I want to reassure Nigerians that the battle has been lost against those who use violence to try to sabotage our country’s peace. Resources both material and human are abundant in our nation. Let’s rejoice in our blessings this season knowing that a brighter day for Nigeria is just around the corner.


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