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Atiku is a liar, the PDP can’t get out of its own crisis, and Nigeria should be left alone – APC campaign


The All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign committee has warned Nigerians to be weary of the “sugar-coated” promises made by PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar (PDP).
The campaign’s head of media and publicity, Bayo Onanuga, claimed in a statement on Sunday that all of Abubakar’s claims are “false.”

He claimed that the PDP lacks justification for seeking a second shot at the presidency given its record during its 16 years in power.

Atiku has been spewing a series of lies, making empty promises, and presenting a false narrative about our current reality and the legacy of the 16-year ignoble era of the PDP administration, of which he was a principal actor, Onanuga claimed. Atiku is aware that this is his final attempt at the elusive presidency.

“At his Abuja rally, he claimed that the nation is unsafe for farming and trading, a false claim that Atiku has been spreading since since he moved to Nigeria from his base in Dubai, primarily to run for office.

“We think Atiku would admit that his perception of insecurity is exacerbated in his private moment.

In 2015, when the PDP enabled rebels to control 17 local councils in Borno and about four councils in Atiku’s home state of Adamawa State, when Abuja was constantly under bomb strikes, and when citizens slept with their eyes wide open, our country was unquestionably less secure.

What more evidence does Atiku need that the APC has made progress than the fact that he recently managed to transport members of his party to Maiduguri to host a rally without being attacked by militants or bandits? In addition, Atiku can navigate the newly renovated road from Yola, the state capital, to Jada, his hometown, with ease.

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Onanuga added that the PDP’s current internal conflict makes it impossible for the party to run a campaign on the promise of “rescuing” Nigeria.

“We ask once more: Can Nigeria be saved by a party that is incapable of recovering because of its internal collapse and crisis? First, let PDP save and rehabilitate itself, along with its shuttered national secretariat. The PDP and its leaders allegedly stole the money after raising over N20 billion to construct a national party office, he added.

“We advise Nigerians to disregard whatsoever Atiku Abubakar says, says our statement. He is a desperate politician who is a bloody liar, and he should never be trusted.


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