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Adeleke government and Oyetola are at odds again over the looting of the government building


According to Ismail Omipidan, the media assistant to the outgoing governor of Osun, Adegboyega Oyetola, the looting of Government House in Osogbo was allegedly carried out by those who supported Ademola Adeleke.

During a Wednesday press conference in Osogbo, Omipidan announced this.

He expressed disappointment at the false alarm raised by Adeleke’s men who, in his opinion, should have typically been guided by the record of the inventory taken before the formal handover of the items in Governor’s lodge and Presidential quarters in Government House, respectively. He described the looting allegation against Oyetola as not only ridiculous but sarcastic as it was intended to damage the reputable image of his principal.

Omipidan criticized Adeleke and his crew for failing to safeguard the property left to them by the previous government and questioned why it took them 72 hours to properly report the theft.

The new administration took possession of the Government House a day before Ademola Adeleke’s inauguration, he claimed, adding that Adeleke’s stooges’ empty concern over a criminal conduct they had committed was unholy.

He stated, “At the moment of giving over, all the objects alleged to have been hauled away were intact. We should check in their direction if there was any looting as the new government’s agents assert.

“My principal is a man of the highest moral standards. How in the world can anyone with common sense accuse him of taking items as inexpensive as spoons, methylated spirits, cookers, and the contents of the first aid kit?

“On Saturday, November 19, 2022, my principal stopped sleeping in the Government House. On November 26, 2022, an inventory was carried out in presence of DSS employees who were then assigned to the Government House and security personnel associated with the new Governor, in particular A. Umale and Pius Akpan.

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“According to Omipidan, the Department of State Services (DSS) report dated November 26, 2022, and titled: “INVENTORY OF ITEMS IN OSUN STATE GOVERNOR’S AND PRESIDENTIAL LODGES,” it is reported that, “On 26th November, 2022, about 1400houre, a team of the Protocol Department, Osun State Governor’s Office, Abere, led by Mr. FALODE, in company of two(2) officers of the

The materials were then turned over to A. UMALE and Pius AKPAN, DSS employees, and the new governor’s security detail, ADEMOLA ADELEKE, without any issues.

Furthermore, it is significant that nothing indicates that any of the goods in the buildings were removed because they were all still in tact at the time of transfer. A list of the things in both buildings is included below. They continued by listing each thing individually over the course of eight pages. The inventory includes, among other things, the 6 Face Big Gas Cooker with Oven and the 4 Face Kenstar Cooker with Oven.

Olawale Rasheed, the spokesperson for Governor Ademola Adeleke, responded via a statement, denouncing Omipidan for trying to place the blame on the DSS and the police.

Rasheed pointed out that three high-ranking former government officials had spoken about the looting, and it was obvious that two of them—Sunday Akere and Funke Egbemode, the former Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation—had confessed because they had grown tired of spreading false information and misleading the public.

He insisted that the most recent misinformation campaign was an afterthought and pointed out that there was video proof supporting the claims everywhere.

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Omipidan’s attempt to shift the blame for the theft onto innocent security agencies, to which he claimed Oyetola had given the assets that had been plundered bare, is totally diabolical.

Even in a democratic environment, a departing administration claiming to transfer power to security agencies rather than the incoming administration was unusual. To put it mildly, Omipidan’s afterthought denial is humiliating,” he remarked.

Remember that on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, Osun Deputy Governor Kola Adewusi stated that the status of affairs in the State are not particularly impressive during the inauguration of the review committees appointed by Governor Ademola Adeleke.

Adewusi further disclosed that the Deputy Governor’s official residence is empty as all of its assets have been removed.

The charges of stealing and hauling away valuables from the Government House, however, were refuted by the former Deputy Governor, Benedict Alabi, on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, and he called them untrue and baseless.


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