Home News A fake LASTMA officer is sent to jail by a court

A fake LASTMA officer is sent to jail by a court


As part of efforts to clean up Nigeria, the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences (Mobile) Court in Bolade, Oshodi, Lagos, has given David Oluchkwu a four-month jail sentence for pretending to be an officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, and stealing money from unsuspecting drivers, especially commercial bus drivers in the state.

Remember that LASTMA agents caught Oluchkwu, a 27-year-old in the act on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, in the Lekki neighborhood of Lagos.

The suspect was then charged with two counts of “Conduct likely to cause breach of peace and Impersonation” by LASTMA. He was found guilty in court.

According to Mr. Adebayo Taofiq, Director of LASTMA’s Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department, Magistrate Adesanya Ademola gave Oluchkwu a 4-month jail sentence without the option of a fine after he pleaded guilty to the two counts against him.

Magistrate Adesanya stressed that the convict should go to jail for four months and not be able to pay a fine because the crimes were so bad.

Barrister Agbaje Oladotun, the prosecutor, had said that both of the crimes the convict was charged with (Breach of Peace and Impersonation) were against Section 168 (D) and Section 78 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State (2015).

Bolaji Oreagba, who is the General Manager of LASTMA, said that the decision was a good thing and that it would stop other people from extorting money from innocent people under false pretenses.

Oreagba said, “Our surveillance and intelligence unit, which has now been completely restructured, will keep looking for other bad people on the roads who are disturbing the peace of society.”

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