Home News 2023: MBF cautions governments against increasing military demands

2023: MBF cautions governments against increasing military demands


On Friday, the Middle Belt Forum (MBF) cautioned politicians against making decisions that may ignite a civil war.

The MBF’s National President, Dr. Bitrus Pogu, issued the threat in a statement on Friday in response to claims that the military will not interfere with elections despite demands to do so.

While lamenting the behavior of some politicians, Dr. Bitrus Pogu pointed out that even if elections were held multiple times, some politicians were still causing problems that would have an impact on Nigerians while knowing they couldn’t win.

The Chief of Defence Staff’s statement, he continued, demonstrated that “the Nigerian military is standing up to its responsibilities of safeguarding the territorial integrity of this country.” He praised the military for rebuffing overtures from those who do not wish the country well.

He claimed that once the military establishes itself as a legitimate institution, “democracy would endure.”

“Rise up, support the military for being neutral and ensure that the territorial integrity and elections are not compromised,” he urged all Nigerians.

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