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You Should Feel Guilty DJ Cuppy Is Dragged By Netizens Because You’re Not Married At 30


popular CD from Nigeria Jockey Florence Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy, has been the target of slander and persistent insults from fans who embarrassed her for being single at the age of 30.

Cuppy, who recently celebrated her 30th birthday on November 11th, took to her social media platforms to share her happiness at entering her third decade of life.

She had tweeted that she was immensely pleased of everything she had done and was now enthusiastic about the future. She figuratively applauded herself and perhaps anticipated the same behavior from her supporters. They were unkind to the chippy entertainer, though.

Yes, Lord, you did it again by giving me another year, Cuppy tweeted. Greetings on my 30th birthday! #CuppyDay I made the decision earlier this year that instead of throwing some ridiculously expensive cuppy party, I would celebrate my new age at home with my family, Dd, and FünFün.
I’m going to come clean for once and state that I am SO PROUD of EVERYTHING I’VE DONE and SO EXCITED for the JOY my 30s will bring. Happy birthday, amazing ME Cuppy!
“Cuppy Day”

The remarks were hurtful, though, since they insisted that she find a man and establish a life while asking her about her marital status.

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