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Tyson Fury, the heavyweight world champion in boxing, is prohibited from entering the US


Tyson Fury, the heavyweight world champion in boxing, has been denied entry to the United States, according to his brother Tommy.

Tyson, 34, allegedly has connections to mafia boss Daniel Kinahan, according to a June article, although he did not reply to requests for comment.

Tommy, a former Love Island star, has now revealed that both he and his brother continue to face admission barriers to the US.

Tommy stated: “Me and Tyson just can’t get into America at the moment and that’s the way it is” during a recent appearance on an MMA podcast.

The Fury family’s connections to Irish boxing promoter Kinahan, who has been approved by the US, are thought to be at the heart of the suspension.

The US Department of State has also announced that it will provide prizes of up to $5 million for information that results in the arrest and/or conviction of three Kinahan family members. The US Treasury has slapped sanctions on Kinahan.

Due to the suspension, WBC champion Tyson will be forced to limit his fights to the United Kingdom or the Middle East. Tyson last competed in the United States in October 2021 for his trilogy match with Deontay Wilder.

On the MMA Fighting on SBN podcast, Tommy was directly questioned about “the Kinahan situation.” Tommy responded, “I don’t know (what’s happening), that’s what I pay my lawyers and my legal team for every day, they’re sorting it and I said please get this resolved as soon as possible and that’s where I’ve left it at the moment.

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“I’m hoping everything gets addressed quickly because I want to come to America not just for boxing and of course for the big one to get this fight over the line. However, if it doesn’t get resolved for a long time, I can’t speak on that in terms of how long this is going to take.” However, if it has been a while, move it over here. Anywhere, I’ll fight that man; it doesn’t matter to me. I’m prepared to leave.

Tyson previously reacted to allegations that Irish boxing promoter Kinahan heads a large international organized crime network by saying, “That’s none of my business and I don’t interfere with anybody else’s business.”

The US-sanctioned Kinahan was seen with Tyson in Dubai in February of this year. Tyson said: “Just because I had my picture taken with a man doesn’t make me a criminal.”

“I’m only a boxer,” This building might contain a criminal.

In April of this year, the US Treasury placed sanctions on Kinahan, his father Christy Kinahan, his brother Christy Kinahan Jr., as well as a number of Kinahan family connections. Kinahan has been identified as a prominent role in organized crime by Dublin’s High Court.

Tyson Fury has received advice from Kinahan in the past, but Fury has never been charged with a crime. According to Tommy, his name “has been caught up in a mess.”

Even now, he continued, “I cannot enter America; I cannot travel there.”

I don’t care about the boxing stuff; America is my favorite travel destination because of the food, the people, the weather, and everything else. I adore everything about America, and that has kept me from visiting. In my personal life, my fiancée Molly Mae Hague and I enjoy traveling to New York around Christmastime, but we are unable to do so.

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We are now limited in what we can do. Therefore, not just boxing is impacted. But the situation is still the same right now; I am unable to travel to America, which is why there was no fight.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in this country who wouldn’t attend that fight,” said the speaker. It would, in my opinion, shatter all records. We could certainly draw 70,000 people.


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