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Tinubu: We Don’t Have No Face, Pastors in Abuja Answer CAN


Apostle Babatunde Oguntimehin, the president of the Nigeria Coalition of Pastors for Good Leaders, showed membership registrations and proof of ordination on Monday to refute the Christians Association of Nigeria’s claim that they were anonymous clerics.

Within 24 hours, the action was taken after a group of pastors and bishops from Abuja backed Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate for the APC, at a town hall meeting with some of Tinubu’s supporters from the City Boy Movement.

But CAN turned its back on the clerics just a few hours after the endorsement, saying that it still stands by its earlier position of “No to same-faith ticket.”

Most Rev. Daniel Okoh’s special assistant on media, Luminous Jannamike, said that the group can’t stop people and self-proclaimed ministers from voting for certain candidates, but they also can’t be seen working on issues with religious groups that aren’t part of CAN.

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