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Pharmacist’s Advice: “Date Someone With Emotional Intelligence”


Mekzy, a pharmacist who goes by the handle Mekzy on Twitter, has suggested that when dating, individuals constantly keep an eye out for emotional intelligence.

He suggested that people date emotionally intelligent individuals because they are polite with words, especially in serious situations.

He said that people should date someone with whom they can share their issues and who won’t make hurtful remarks.

Dating someone with emotional intelligence is crucial, he said. Imagine meeting your partner in the middle of a difficult situation and hearing nothing but “hmmmm it’s well.”

A user going by the name Pev responded to this by writing:

“You’ll be OK” or “you’ll be okay” is, in my opinion, the worst response someone can make to you when you discuss a severe situation with them. Very egotistical and callous.

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