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Nigerians face a health crisis as 133 million people struggle with poverty


According to a National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) poll, 133 million Nigerians live in extreme poverty, which saddened Nigerians.

According to the study, 133 million people in Nigeria are living in various forms of poverty.

It asserted that poverty was caused by a lack of access to safety, employment, decent living conditions, and education. Additionally, research revealed that 35% of the nearly 47 million poor people in the South reside there, as opposed to 65% of the 86 million poor people in the North.

Remember how the All Progressives Congress-led Federal Government pledged in 2015 to create three million jobs yearly in order to bring 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in ten years.

But recent events demonstrate the opposite.

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) urged President Muhammadu Buhari to quickly form a presidential panel to look into government spending on all programs and projects that were carried out between 2015 and 2022 that were aimed at reducing poverty and establishing social safety nets. This was done in response to the NBS report.

The 133 million poor Nigerians reported by SERAP “suggests corruption and mismanagement in the spending of trillions of naira on social safety nets and poverty alleviation programs, including the reported disbursement of over $700 million from the repatriated Abacha looted funds to these programmes.”

Additionally, a number of economic analysts condemned the nation’s federal, state, and municipal officials for plunging millions of Nigerians into utter poverty.

In response to the research, Mr. Idakolo Gbolade, a financial management specialist, revealed that a portion of the rising poverty rate might be attributed to the fact that 85% of Nigeria’s States heavily rely on funding from the federation for sustainability. He claimed that this portends poorly for the nation’s economic growth.

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Idakolo claimed that the majority of Nigerian state governors have a condition known as “Laziness of the Mind.”

He expressed disappointment that the majority of the federation’s States lack the favorable conditions for industrialization, which fuels revenue generation.

He urged the State government to focus on its own citizens in an effort to lower the poverty rate.

He stated: “This is not far from the reality since you need infrastructure improvements and purposeful government policies to combat poverty—this needs to be improved in the majority of States, as 85% of the States in Nigeria entirely depend on revenue sharing for sustainability.

A health professional has expressed concern about the effects of excessive poverty on the healthcare industry.

Private health consultant Dr. Giginna Mathias bemoaned that the nation’s health is already overburdened with problems and that adding a high poverty index is a double blow in an interview with the DAILY POST.

He claimed that the government has neglected to address the problems with unemployment, job instability, and other systemic flaws that lead to poverty for far too long.

You can see how terrible it is for both the doctor and the patient. The impact of poverty on human health is another component that is added.

“I believe that our resource management practices have completely gone awry. For too long, it has been clear that funding the health sector is the proper thing to do. Our political leaders ought to act accordingly.

“It’s too complicated, more so than you can think, to be limited to the health industry alone.

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In light of the fact that the government has not managed to get infrastructure, the economy, or security right, these are some of the few things that cause people to live in poverty. The administration is to blame, he declared.

“The consequences are staring at our faces; they are not hidden,” he continued. Please explain how someone who cannot afford a square meal might maintain good health. He will undoubtedly turn to fate and hope to live. We are in a bad predicament right now.

Let’s hope there isn’t a medical emergency. Only God knows what would occur if a disease outbreak occurred.

In addition, the labor force is gradually shrinking because a prosperous nation is one with a healthy population.


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