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Nigeria is ready for the dry season, says the Minister of Agriculture


Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Abubakar, said that the country will start intensive dry-season farming in December to make sure that the country always has food.

This is what the minister said on Thursday when he went to Abuja to defend the 2023 budget in front of the House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture Colleges, Research Institutes, and Universities.

He said that the ministry was already talking about doing intensive dry-season farming to make sure the country had enough food.

He says that food security comes before everything else because without food, there will be problems.

He said, “There is a slight rise in prices of goods, and this is happening all over the world.” But we are doing everything on our own to see what we can do to lower the prices.

Rep. Munir Danagundi, who is the Chairman of the Committee, said that the records the committee had showed that the budgets for 2021 and 2022 were very good.

He said that most research institutes and universities had used the money the government gave them and gave them access to in a good way, and he praised them for their hard work in spite of some problems.

He said that the committee was always ready to help the ministry deal with any problems that might come up when putting the budget into place.

“During our oversight visits to some agencies a few weeks ago, we helped solve problems with how the budget was being implemented.

“The committee was generally happy with how the budget worked, and some CEOs have been told about some shortcomings and flaws in the way purchases were made,” he said.

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