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Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan Was Charged With Yahaya Bello has been blamed for the killings in Owo and the prison break in Kuje


Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, a former candidate for governor in Kogi State, has said that Governor Yahaya Bello is to blame for the Owo Church massacre and the Kuje Prison break.

Natasha said that the Governor was letting hardened criminals out of prisons all over the country, especially those from Ebira.

She said that one of these prisoners is named Safiyu and that the governor sent him to break out of Kuje Prison and kill people in Owo.

Friday, Akpoti, who is running for senator from Kogi Central for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said on Arise Television’s Morning Show:

“I was in California because I went there the day after my primary election and didn’t get back to Nigeria until August 20.

“Safiya was with Yahaya Bello when these attacks happened at Kuje prison Owo. Every day, he was at the Government House.

“He was living in the Chief of Staff’s house. So, if anyone should be held responsible for the Owo massacre and the Kuje Prison break, it should be Yahaya Bello, along with the chief of staff, who should have to answer questions. They let him out of prison for God knows what reason.

“I found out that Chaffeu was even on death row. I knew he was a hardened criminal on death row, but Bello let him go right before the 2019 election. Yahaya Bello will have to explain why he was set free and what it means for him to be free.

“That’s one thing with Yahaya Bello,” Akpoti said when asked how a governor could let a prisoner out of a federal prison. He knows how to use the network to do what needs to be done.

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“I’m really surprised that he has so many powers. He has also gone around the country’s prisons and let hardened Ebira prisoners go free. People who are like us.

“This is why Nigeria has such a high rate of crime.” I found out that the governor had asked Safyu to do a series of attacks again a few months ago.


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