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Men Shouldn’t Focus On Women’s Body Count, According To Bbnaija’s Modella


Modela, a reality television personality, believes that men shouldn’t be curious about their partners’ past sexual activities.
In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said that because women don’t pay attention to the number of men who die, the favor should be paid back.

“Females don’t pay attention to the number of dead guys,” remarked Modella. Men are more likely than women to take it seriously. The majority of men have forgotten how many sexual partners they have had. Only a small percentage of men who dislike sleeping around can keep track of how many bodies they have.

“I don’t believe any male should be concerned with the number of dead girls. Go for the girl if you like her. Although some guys date prostitutes or sluts because it suits them, I’m not advocating that for guys.

The former Big Brother Naija fake housemate also underlined that it might be difficult to establish an intimate relationship free of sexual contacts in today’s society.

“Some females always meet the wrong guys who end up destroying their hearts,” continued Modella. In the 21st century, sex is crucial to almost all partnerships, unless someone decides to lead a celibate lifestyle.

The skincare guru responded, “Before the game, I had no intention of entering into a relationship. If Bryann had been around, I don’t think I would have been in a relationship with him. But I also understood that falling in love usually does not happen on purpose. In my case, we were close friends. We both liked each other, but it was clear that he liked me better. But I simply wasn’t in that environment. We had a good connection, therefore I didn’t want to cut off communication just because he wanted to advance our relationship. Whether I was a member of BBN or not, I wouldn’t date him.

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She responded when opponents said that BBNaija promoted nudity and x-rated content, saying, “I don’t agree because housemates are never requested to get naked on camera. Even when one overexposes himself, the camera may occasionally be removed.


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