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Lai Mohammed tells us why my political structure in Kwara State can’t be destroyed


Lai Mohammed, who is the Minister of Information and Culture, has bragged about the way he runs politics in Kwara State.

Mohammed said that his political structure in Kwara can’t be destroyed because he and his allies have become like a family.

On Friday, he spoke at his granddaughter’s traditional wedding in his hometown.

Mohammed said that even though he wasn’t in the State, he kept in touch with his political friends and supporters.

The minister said that even though his allies and supporters disagree with him, they still stand by him.

Mohammed said that he had been working with his political allies for 20 years.

He said:

“This basically means that there is no political difference between me and them. They still see me as one of their leaders, and I still see them as my friends.

“Differences of opinion can’t bring down my political system.

“That’s what political structure is all about: being strong enough to weather the inevitable storms, especially when it’s time to run for office.”

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