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Kogi CJ tells judges not to use sharp practices


Justice Josiah Majebi, who is the acting chief judge of Kogi State, has told all judges and other court workers in the State to stay away from any kind of corruption.

Justice Majebi gave the order while speaking at the Nigeria Correctional Service’s Ankpa Custodial Centre during a tour of Kogi State’s Correctional Service Centres to reduce crowding.

He decried the delay in the administration of criminal justice, stressing that under no circumstance should a case whose accused person had been detained, be adjourned more than 7 days.

He told judicial officers that if they need to postpone a trial for more than seven days, they should write to the Director in their zone and explain why.

The Chief Judge said that silly postponements have always made it harder to handle criminal cases, and he said that “Justice delayed is Justice denied.”

He praised Kogi State for having a low crime rate and pointed out that the State Judiciary had just used only 40 percent of the law from the system for the Administration of Criminal Justice.

“I was very surprised to learn that none of our prisons are crowded. So we’re glad about that. “We want to thank the governor of the state, Yahaya Bello, for being understanding and putting in place the logistics and facilities to make sure that the people who are important to the administration of criminal justice in the state meet regularly and constantly,” he said.

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