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Kano State Assembly is given a bill to spend N245.3 billion in 2023 by Governor Ganduje


Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje just gave the state House of Assembly a budget plan for the 2023 fiscal year. The plan is for N245.3 billion.

It is called the Budget for Consolidation and Prosperity II, and it is expected to cost over N49 billion more than the budget for 2022. It will be paid for by statutory allocation, grants, loans, and IGR.

Ganduje gave the Kano State House of Assembly more than 196 billion Naira (N196b) for the fiscal year of 2022 last year.

In the proposed appropriation bill for 2023, capital spending is worth N144.6 billion, which is about 59% of the total budget. On the other hand, recurrent spending is worth more than N100 billion, which is about 41% of the budget.

Ganduje will present the budgetary appropriations to the State House of Assembly for the last time. He is expected to leave office in May of next year.

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