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“If you could show off your nakedness, I can show off my chastity,” says a Virgin Corper to brag about her chastity


She said that many UNIPORT women are still virgins, even though most people think of them as wild.

A serving corps member named Faith Ehimare has said on social media that she has never been with a man.

In a long Facebook post, Ehimare, who just graduated from UNIPORT and is now doing her one-year national duty, said that since women can show their nakedness without being criticized, she can also show that she is still a virgin.

She said that even though many UNIPORT women have the reputation of being wild, many of them are still virgins.

“UNIPORT VIRGIN CORPER!!” were her words. Yes, I’m sure, girl from Port Harcourt. I went to college, graduated at the top of my class, and am still single. If you could show yourself naked, I can show myself clean! I know you don’t like Uniport girls, especially the ones who live in Alakahia and Aluu.

Well, this post might not make sense to you because in our world, being naked is praised while being chaste is criticized. We are Christians, but we don’t do anything to stop evil. But I owe the people of the world the gift of light. So I’d share. If you remember, I told you my story about when I was in school. I told you how I became the BGS woman in my department, Political Science and Public Administration U2016. I talked about the wrongdoing, hate, and criticism I got at school. I talked about how people called me a prostitute, a lesbian, and anything else they wanted.

I wouldn’t lie, these were some of the worst times of my life. Because of that, I would have to spend years with the people who broke me up. I didn’t always want to look at their faces. I sometimes wanted them to see me for who I really was instead of the lies they believed about me. I wanted them to really love me and not look down on me. I wanted to have true friends. I just wanted them to see me in a different way.

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I wanted so much from these people that I almost forgot who I was and what I was doing. I just wanted them to listen to me once to clear up any misunderstandings and build a bridge between us, but they didn’t. I couldn’t decide if I should stay true to myself or tell them they were wrong about me. I wanted them to like me, plain and simple. Yes, I did need a reason. From who kwanu?

When I think back to those times, I find it funny. How tiring it was to show people who still put you down that you were right. People who thought having sex before getting married was normal and that if you spoke out against it, you were either a liar or a fake. Some people who are reading this right now are either really afraid that something bad will happen to me because I spoke out, they don’t think it’s necessary for me to call myself a saint, or they think I’m lying.

And, if I’m not mistaken, it’s considered rude to talk about being a virgin in public. You don’t like it when people talk about their chastity in public, so that’s why it doesn’t sit well with you. You think that being a virgin shouldn’t be a public matter, but it’s fine to show and enjoy nakedness in public. You think that if someone talks about it, they could be raped or taken away and used in rituals.

I can see why you’re afraid, but I’m not going to shut up any time soon. I’m telling you this because I know how hard it is for you. Every day, we hear that a 22-year-old girl has slept with tens of thousands of men in a year. By reposting them, Yabaleft helps to sell them, and then people like the situation and cheer for them. So you have no choice but to wonder if your private part is still working. My sweetheart, you are a one-of-a-kind person. Forget about the stress and stay away from problems that affect your heart, spirit, soul, and body. It is possible to stay pure.

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I’m called Faith Ehimare. I’m on a journey to wear my virginity like an akara. Please come with me on this trip, and you can call me coper shun!”


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