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I spent $4,000 to look into Tinubu after he graduated from Chicago State University, according to Omokri


Reno Omokri, a critic, is regretting the $4,000 he lost trying to determine whether Asiwaju Bola Tinubu attended Chicago State University, only to learn that he did.

He bemoaned having fallen for the fabrications of Peter Obi’s Labour Party backers that Tinubu had not attended the institution.

Soludo had a good point regarding them. They’re a gang. They cannot reason because they lack a head. Furthermore, it is blatantly false that Tinubu attended Chicago State University. I should be aware. I spent $4000 and a flight to Chicago to do an in-person investigation because I believed the deception.

“To think that Tinubu did not earn a degree from Chicago State University is equivalent to thinking that Buhari has been replaced by a Jibrin from Sudan. It makes sense that the same group of individuals accepts both lies. He received his degree from Chicago State University, Omokri tweeted on Saturday.

When one considers what Tinubu accomplished while serving as governor of Lagos, Omokri continued, Tinubu is actually a greater leader than Obi.

Obi isn’t even a leader, he declared. He is an investor. He will exchange Obidients for cash! It is untrue that Tinubu did not go to Chicago State University, nevertheless. I actually traveled to Chicago. He went and got his degree. According to them, Tinubu was actually pretty smart and diligent.

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