Home News “I Know Where Nigeria’s Problems Come From.” – Peter Obi

“I Know Where Nigeria’s Problems Come From.” – Peter Obi


Peter Obi, who is running for president as a candidate for the Labour Party, has said that he knows where the problems in the country come from.

Obi said this on Thursday in Rivers State, where governor Nyesom Wike had asked him to open the Nkpolu-Oroworokwo Flyover. This was the ninth flyover to be built during Wike’s time in office.

Obi’s running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, went with him to the inauguration. Obi said that Nigeria’s problem was that the country wasn’t productive.

He told everyone that he was committed to making Nigeria a better place by saying that he knew what would help each region after looking at the whole country.

He said, “I understand what’s wrong with the country. Nigeria is not a state that makes things.

“I’ve said over and over that I know what to do to help everyone in the country. When we held our campaign in the North, I told them that we would develop their large lands. Since they own the land, we will build on it.

“Our financial center will be in the South-West, and our manufacturing base will be in the East. We will fix up the seaport in Rivers so we can ship things out from there.

“The presidential candidate, who was welcomed by a big crowd in Port-Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, asked the people of Rivers to think of him as one of them and promised to help them.

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