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Governor Wike says that restructuring must start at the party level


Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers of State, has said that he feels bad for the poor Nigerians who have to deal with politicians who make false promises.

Governor Wike said this on Thursday at the opening of the Ikoku flyover by Peter Obi, who is running for president in Rivers State for the Labour Party.

From what he said:

“What hurts in this country is that some of us, or all of us, feel sorry for the poor Nigerians. I feel sorry for them. Some people come up to me and say, “Support this person,” and I ask, “Do you know him?”

“From what I hear, people go to town meetings and say a lot of different things. They say that they will restructure and make sure that each zone has a member on the security council. They say that it is not good for one zone to be in charge of all the security chiefs.

“You see, but it’s good for all party positions to be in one zone. You see how Nigerians are. Check on us. I will make sure that every zone is represented, and I will make it happen. This is the topic of discussion on TV, because everyone wants Nigerians to say “yes,” but no Nigerian wants to say, “Let’s start with the party.”

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