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Governor Bala Mohammed gives the Bauchi State Assembly a budget for 2023 that costs N202 billion


The budget that Governor Bala Mohammed has given to the Bauchi State House of Assembly is worth N202 billion.

The budget is called “Budget of Accomplishment and Renewed Commitment.” Governor Bala Mohammed said that N114 billion is for capital spending and N87 billion is for ongoing spending.

He said that his administration is determined to finish all ongoing projects in the state before the end of his first term in May 2023. He also said that the budget has grown by 2.6% since last year.

From what the governor said:

“The budget put more of an emphasis on finishing infrastructure projects, since new ones will only be looked at if they are needed.”

He said that the previous budget did more than 60% of what it was supposed to do, even though the economy was bad. He also said that important goals were met in education, health, agriculture, and human capital development.

Here’s how:

In response, Abubakar Y. Suleiman, the Speaker of the Bauchi State House of Assembly, said that the budget would be carefully and quickly looked at and then passed into law before the end of the year so that implementation could start at the beginning of 2023.


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