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Gov. Wike makes 100,000 Special Assistants official


Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has sworn in his 100,000 newly-hired Special Assistants and said that they will decide where the state goes in the general elections of 2023.

The governor said this on Thursday at the Adokiye Amasiemaka Stadium, where he was putting in place the Special Assistants.

He told the SAs to make sure they listen to what the people on the ground have to say and give him good advice about what to do.

“You are the ones who hear directly from the people,” Gov. Wike said. You are the one who knows how people feel about us. You will tell us if we’re doing a good job or not. What are they looking for and what do they like?

“We really want to hear from you. From you to the ward liaison officers, from the ward liaison officers to the constituency liaison officers, and from there to the office of the governor. So we can find out if our people are happy with us or not. Where are they trying to send us? You will tell us something.

“Moreso, this is a political time. Listen to what the people are saying so you can tell the governor what to do and tell me what position to take.

“You are the one who will decide what the people of Rivers will do.”


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