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Davido’s nanny and cook could be charged with negligence for the death of Davido


Ifeanyi Adeleke, the three-year-old son of famous musician Davido and his fiancée Chioma Rowland, died last month. Two domestic workers have been detained in connection with the death. They may be charged with negligence.

A reliable source told PUNCH on Wednesday that the nanny and the cook were directly responsible for Ifeanyi’s well-being.

The source said, “The cook and the nanny were the ones who spent the most time with the child, so until the autopsy is done, they are guilty of negligence.” We have suspects while we investigate, and depending on the case, the suspects may or may not be let go.

“So far, the family hasn’t said anything against the autopsy, but it will depend on the hospital how quickly it will be done. But the next step is to look at the house’s CCTV.”

When Ifeanyi died in a swimming pool at his father’s home in the Banana Island neighborhood of Lagos State, the police held the nanny and the cook and let six other workers go.

When asked for a follow-up comment, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the state Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed that the suspects had been arrested, but he wouldn’t give any more information because he didn’t want to stop the investigation into the case. This was reported by PUNCH.

He said, “If we need to hold them for longer than we should, we’ll get a court order to make sure we’re not overholding or holding them illegally.”

“I can’t say much about an investigation that is still going on, but the two people we have detained are helping us with our investigation.

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Those who were let go don’t have much or anything to do with the case, but the two people we are holding are helping us.

“Eight people were brought in to be questioned. Six of them were let go, and the other two were arrested, which makes them suspects.”


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