Home News Bobrisky Faces Backlash After Posting About Ifeanyi’s Death

Bobrisky Faces Backlash After Posting About Ifeanyi’s Death


Controversial crossdresser Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, also known as Bobrisky, has angered online users with a recent remark concerning the death of Davido’s kid Ifeanyi Adeleke.

The fact that the three-year-old drowned in Davido’s Banana Island home’s family pool on Monday, October 31st, and passed away is no longer news.

Several condolence notes have circulated as predicted as Nigerians and people from other countries respond to the upsetting event.

Bobrisky, who was one of the reacters, wrote a message on his Facebook page that received negative feedback.

He wrote in the post’s caption:

Why, I had so many ideas for you, Ifeanyi

Check out the post below:

Internet users evidently found this message offensive and criticized the crossdresser for her casual and rude note.

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