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After Elon Musk’s takeover, the federal government clarifies its stance on banning Twitter once more


Following a change in ownership, the Federal Government of Nigeria has said that it is keeping an eye on Twitter activity.

This was said in the opening remarks made by Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture, at the third meeting of the “PMB Administration Scorecard 2015-2023” series.

Given the change in ownership of Twitter, according to Lai, there are uncertainties regarding what will happen to the agreement between the Federal Government and Twitter.

On Thursday, November 10, he said:

“Many people have even asked us if there will be another ban. Let me say this: We are keeping a careful eye on Twitter’s changing developments.

It has never been our objective to restrict free expression or to outlaw any social media network. In no way.

“Everyone is aware of what transpired in the Twitter case. Twitter has emerged as a preferred forum for those looking to undermine Nigeria through the use of hate speech, disinformation, and fake news.

“No country will consent to being thrown into anarchy by a social media platform. Not Nigeria, by any means. But we have persisted in having constructive interactions with the various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google (the owner of YouTube).

“We don’t intend to prohibit any social media sites once more. However, we also won’t stand idly by and watch while any platform plunges our country into chaos.

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