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A man gets shocked while tearing down a campaign sign in Ibadan


A middle-aged man, whose name hasn’t been released, was electrocuted while he was allegedly tearing down a campaign sign for one of the candidates for governor in Oyo State.

The man died from the electric shock he got when he supposedly tore down the campaign sign in Ibadan.

As the general elections of 2023 get closer, DSMEDIA24 has heard that campaign billboards for candidates from different political parties are being destroyed across the State.

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Congress (APC), Accord Party (AP), New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), and Social Democratic Party (SDP) all had campaign signs that were vandalized, destroyed, or taken down completely in the past few months (SDP).

DSMEDIA24, on the other hand, found out that the man, whose name has not been made public, was electrocuted while destroying a campaign billboard for Mr. Adebayo Adelabu, the Accord candidate for governor in the 2023 elections.

On Friday, the man was killed when he touched the electric wire next to the sign in the Challenge area of Ibadan.

A person who saw what happened but asked not to be named said that people in the area had already told the man not to destroy the campaign billboard.

The information said,

“We had warned him not to destroy other people’s property.

“All of a sudden, we saw him shaking, and no one could get closer because it was clear he had touched the electric wire next to the billboard by accident.”

Mr. Bolaji Tunji, who is the Media Director for the Bayo Adelabu Campaign Organisation, confirmed the event to DAILY POST on Saturday morning.

Tunji said that there have been several reports of campaign billboards being destroyed in the State. He also said that Adelabu was very sorry about what happened.

Tunji said,

“We heard about the bad thing that happened. Different things have been said about what the guy was doing. Some people said he was fixing the sign, but others said he was doing something bad to it. No one in Oyo State wants the death of another person, no matter what it is. Even if he was destroying the board, we would rather have a good conversation with him than wish that on him.

“Oloye Bayo Adelabu is very sorry about what happened and prays for the soul of the person who died to rest in peace. May Allah, the Most Powerful, welcome him to Aljanah firdaus. His deepest condolences go out to the person’s family.”


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